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Please enter your email address in the form below and then click check.  We will then check to see if that email address is already linked to an account in our system.

Please also note that if you qualified outside of the republic of Ireland you must include a copy of your validation letter received from the department of health with your application. This should be scanned and uploaded directly to your file during application or alternatively it may be sent via email to You must also decide on a method of payment for your membership fees. Details of membership fees can be found on the website. Fees can be made by the following options:

  1. Monthly direct debit (form attached) - The form must be filled in and sent via post to the IIRRT office at 28 Millbrook Court, Kilmainham, Dublin 8. We must receive the original by post as the bank require the original signed copy. Direct debits must be from an Irish Current account only
  2. Personal Cheque / Bank Draft - Please note if choosing this option fees must be paid for the remainder of the calender year after which time you will be invoiced annually. E.g. if you wish to commence membership in May and opt for membership alone (10€ per month) then you should forward the cheque / bank draft for 8 months x 10€ i.e. 80€.

Failure to complete the application process in full will result in a delay in your application for a further 6-8 weeks.

Please email any queries regarding membership application only to

For any further queries on Validation process please visit the website or email, a sample validation letter is provided below.