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Videofluoroscopy V.F.S.S Course

The IIRRT and IASLT have commissioned the University of Salford to provide a two day training course for radiography led VF examinations. This course will enhance radiographer and SLT skills not only to administer radiation but to work in conjunction with the speech and language therapists to comment on the radiological appearances.

Dates: 11/06/2021 to 29/10/2021
Capacity: 20

Well-Being Wednesday

In this session participants will be able to:

• Identify internal and external triggers that lead to stress in the workplace.

• Become aware of their own thought pattern and how this impacts the stress response.

• Identify their early warning signs of stress and Implement techniques to prevent its progress

• Learn mindfulness techniques for at home and work to create calmer sense of being, have control over the response, preserve energy and have a more positive outlook

Dates: 12/05/2021 to 14/06/2021
Capacity: 30