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Trauma Study Day Cork Back to Basics 8th June Cork University Hospital

The theme of this study day is Getting the Basics Right. The lectures are all examples of how we benefit the patient by starting with the basics and getting those basics right.

It starts with the moment that the trauma happens: how we deal with that patient, from how we transport them to where they will get the right treatment by the right expert in as short a time as possible. This is the very first step in the treatment of trauma and Dr Gerry McCarthy, the architect, national lead on the expert group and author of the paper “A New Trauma System for Ireland” is going to personally explain all of what is planned for the future trauma service in Ireland. Radiographers are mentioned in this document as “a member of the core trauma team” because we are that important in the diagnostic chain. Radiographers will leave knowing what is facing them in a few years’ time and able to plan their CPD and their careers to prepare for it.


Dr Nina Marshall will speak about the importance of good basic radiography in trauma such as the importance of two views. This needs to be reinforced. There are still instances every day of radiographers only doing one view. It is basic but it needs to be reinforced. This lecture will give the radiologists point of view, they are, after all, the people in possibly the most difficult situation – expected to give an accurate report having not met the patient, having only the referrer’s clinical data for background information and relying heavily on good radiography that demonstrates the patient’s condition. Radiographers will learn how important their work is in whether the patient gets an accurate diagnosis or not.